Our Approach:

We are approachable and collaborative.

We listen to our customers and intimately understand their business objectives and drivers. We are always eager and open to collaborating with existing data science, development, and business intelligence teams. We believe that this collaborative, low-ego approach drives the best results for clients.



We are passionate about data.

We love to share our passion for using data with others. This comes from the knowledge that effective data strategies can transform and grow a business. We are data-obsessed.

We are experts.

Our team is full of data science experts — Ph.D.’s, advanced degrees and data science professionals who intimately understand the underlying math and algorithms; and keen ability to translate business challenges into solvable mathematical solutions.

We deliver results.

We are dependable and results-orientated. We have proven ourselves across industry and functional areas to provide data solutions that drive measurable business outcomes

Meet Our Team

Low-ego data scientists using math and computer science to solve business problems.

We are an aggressively remote company and prioritize professional development and continuous learning for our team. Our team-based approach allows clients to deploy and scale their data strategies with low risk and high dependability.

Morgan Llewellyn


Morgan is an experienced data scientist and C-Suite executive with more than two decades in data science and business strategy. Morgan holds a BA from Hope College and PhD from Caltech.

Jon Roose


Jon uses his computer engineering degree from Purdue to develop, scale, and validate explainable AI algorithms. Jon’s experience includes growing machine learning teams, large scale linear algebra, graph databases, deep learning, and developing GPU accelerated neural network frameworks.

Jeremiah Logan

Software Engineer

Jeremiah is a software engineer who specializes in implementing robust ML solutions through cloud environments or customized containerization and API’s.

Henry Zhang

Data Scientist

Henry received his Master’s in mechanical engineering from Purdue University. Henry is a talented data scientist who prides himself on his statistical expertise and clean code. Henry is skilled in identifying the real-world business value of data science and implementing the latest state-of-art machine learning.