Our Approach

Our Approach:

Revolutionizing your business starts with developing your data strategy and continues by building right-sized data science solutions that drive results.

Our Approach:

Revolutionizing your business starts with developing your data strategy and continues by building right-sized data science solutions that drive results.

Our Approach


Our clients look like you.

Your business’s full potential is realized through a well-executed data strategy. We have clients in healthcare, software, technology, logistics, manufacturing, and education. Our clients are found across business functions including product, customer experience, finance, technology, human resources, sales & marketing.



Data Science Team

You can leverage our data science team to serve as your data science department or as a resource to augment and accelerate your internal team. Our data science team model includes on-going data strategy, data science solution development, solution deployment, and solution monitoring & maintenance.


Data Strategy

Data strategy is where it begins. We help explore and prioritize the use cases of data science for your business. You’ll gain an understanding of the value and effort to develop, deploy, and maintain data science solutions. By identifying which solutions to build first and how to build upon these early solutions, we help you confidently create business cases and company-wide roadmaps.


Data Science Solution Development

We build data science solutions designed to deliver value with a focus on ensuring the solutions get well-implemented and the value fully realized within your business. Our team includes PhD data scientists with deep expertise across machine learning, predictive analytics, natural language processing, artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and data visualization.


Solution Monitoring & Maintenance

We work with clients to keep statistical models accurate as their business grows and evolves. By leveraging our proprietary toolset, we decrease the costs and burden of algorithm maintenance for our clients.

“Predictive Partner has done a great job of helping us ask the right questions and analyze the data we have objectively. The Predictive Partner team is consistently providing us value. We honestly cannot get enough of their team and their time.”

Charles Kroll, CFO, Crystal Flash

“What we appreciate the most about the Predictive Partner team is their drive to get actionable data into a production environment. Successful models will fail if the end-user never consumes the data.”

Zach Linder, Vice President, Analytics & Machine Learning, Jobvite

Healthcare Claims Management engaged Predictive Partner to help build an analytical strategy and leverage our data in a meaningful way that aligned with our business goals. I was blown away by how quickly the Predictive Partner team was able to lay the foundational building blocks to achieve instant value. The pace at which we were able to utilize our raw data, and produce value to help our business was incredible. The team at Predictive Partner will be a valuable partnership for the future.

Scott Schoenherr, VP of Information and Technology Healthcare Claims Management

I want to acknowledge and appreciate the fantastic work Predictive Partner has done to get our data analytics algorithm developed and implemented. They took the time to understand our specific assay requests, provided expert opinions on the best way to identify statistical outliers, and worked with our group to deliver a program that works perfectly with our internal IT systems – and they did so in manner that met our timelines.

Mark Richardson, Chief Science Officer

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